FuturePlay Aerial Race Terms and Conditions

Participants are to read and adhere to the Terms and Conditions

Important :

Technical Specs
  • Race Class 210-250
  • Motor Maximum 2300KV
  • Battery Maximum 4S
  • Vtx only 5.8Ghz 25mw
  • Radio only 2.4Ghz

Race Format

FutureMe Aerial Race consists of the following flying sessions:


  • Practice is allowed subject to track availability prior race day, no official time measurement. Each pilot must sign up for practice sessions as long as time allows. Practice is supervised and conducted by the Race Director/Field Marshal. Each pilot has 5 minutes of flying time, and must sign up first come first serve at check in. Pilots must be pre-registered for their class before practice sessions. Practice session is governed with General race rules.


  • Each pilot is not required to finish all the qualifying laps if they are happy with their lap time. However Pilots must fly in heats and follow race protocol. Each competitor can attempt to fly the course two times, with the best time being their qualifying time. If the pilot does not complete the course because of a mishap on the course, or is unable to complete all the obstacles successfully within the two attempts and has not received a warning for any infraction, they will be eligible for finals qualification, and will be ranked by random order instead of time. The result will be used as an initial seed for the starting grid order.

Race| Top 16

  • Each pilot will be ranked in order of time based on Qualifying session, then randomly for any pilot that received a DNF. Initial heat groupings will be selected by a typical ladder system and pilots will progress through the ladders to the semi-finals, finals and championships.


  • 4 pilots per group. The fastest lap and completion of the race get ranked to get top 8 rank points.

Semifinals | Top 8

  • Win by fastest lap and completion of the race.

Finals | Top 4 (2 by 2)

  • Lap Record holder for the race is also noted throughout the event regardless of finish results. 1 heat, win by fastest lap and completion of the race


  • Pilots with faulty gadgets will be given 5mins time to remedy the fault. Anything more will result in disqualification. 


  • No one is to retrieve their Quads and disarm them in the event of crashes until given the permission to do so AFTER all racing quad has landed for safety of all participants and organisers.

Race Rules

All pilots have to attend a general safety briefing and sign the appropriate waivers from the race organizer and venue.

  • All pilots must demonstrate effective Fail-Safe procedures defined by the Field Marshall and Flight Director. In most cases this is a “Power Down, no pulse” method, where the aircraft will immediately cease flight by stopping all motors and operation if it loses contact with the radio transmitter. This method has been used effectively for many years and is now a common standard practice.
  • All pilots must have an “ARMING” position switch or sequence on their radio. The aircraft should not power up by any accidental controls from the radio. Aircraft arming may be executed by a specific switch on the radio, or by a sequence (i.e. yaw right) to actively arm the radio.
  • All pilots must demonstrate an air-worthy airframe and pass a general mechanics, electronic and video test.
  • All pilots must demonstrate basic piloting skills (could include Line of Sight tests) and must successfully fly a controlled flight around the course within a certain amount of time exhibiting the ability to pilot and navigate their airframe through all obstacles.
  • Pilots must use FPV to pilot aircraft. This can be Goggles or a ground station LCD type display.
  • Pilots are required to have an authorized Timing System Transponder emitter properly installed on their airframe for all official lap timing purposes.

Venue Operations

  • Pilots must adhere to all rules within the competition venue, and will not fly in any other part of the venue unless it is a designated flight zone.
  • Pilots must contain all equipment, airframes within the pilot pit area and must not solder, weld or cause any spark within the pit area. There are established workbench areas for soldering, repairs and modifications. A charging station with high quality LiPO balance chargers will be provided for all pilots.
  • Charging for general charging of electronic devices including radios or any device with a self-contained power supply is permitted and power strips will be provided.
  • All batteries must be stored in a LIPO-safe bag or in an approved fire resistant container.

Judging and Field Marshaling

All races will be governed by our judging committee. This is sanctioned RP Innovations SG event and will follow the general rules and regulations of amateur competition.

  • Each race will be monitored by judges, via FPV of the pilot’s video feed, (either goggles or display) cameras, timing/lap systems and field marshals to maintain fair and accurate competition.
  • The Field Marshall has the executive decision
  • Any practice or behavior that deemed unsafe, (i.e. flying above the max netting height) will result in an immediate disqualification.

For Team Participation
  • Only 4 Pilots will be allowed to register for the Race.
  • In the event that more than 4 Team Pilots are known to have registered, RP Innovations SG reserves the right to withdraw the applicants registration and there will be no refunds on the entry fees for the Race.

The I-Lap Transponders will be used for the race.

Participants without the Transponder will not be allowed to RACE.

Local : SGD$80 (Participants who have I-Lap Transponders Already)
Local : SGD$100 (Transponder will be provided and to be returned at the end of the race)
Local : SGD$140 (Participants will be given one I-Lap Transponder to keep)

Regional : SGD$80 (Participants who have I-Lap Transponders Already)
Regional : SGD$100 (Transponder will be provided and to be returned at the end of the race)
Regional : SGD$140 (Participants will be given one I-Lap Transponder to keep)

HQ Propellers

FREE Flow Propellers

  • 5×4.5 Bull Nose (2 Blade)
  • 5x4x3 Tri Blades (3 Blade)
  • 5×4.5×3 Tri Blades Bull Nose (3 Blade)



Cancellation of the event – failure to commence the race
  • In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, failure to commence the race or cancellation due to reasons the organizers have no control over (like bad weather), the participant has no right to claim a refund of the entry fee or a proportionate reimbursement for other damages, such as travel expenses or accommodation costs.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the FutureME Aerial Race 2016 at any time without prior notice to the Participants, in which case they will make an effort to inform the Participants prior to the date of the event. If the FutureME Aerial Race 2016 has to be cancelled or postponed, there shall be no refund of registration fees paid and the Organizer shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused.

Liability disclaimer
  • Participants agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the organizer of the event or any third party executing the event from and against all damages and costs. 
  • The organizer will not be liable for health risks of a participant that are in any way connected with taking part at FutureME Aerial Race. It is incumbent on the participant to make sure he/she is in good health. The participant has to take charge of his own equipment.
  • The organizer will not be liable for lost valuables, clothing or equipment.
  • The organizer disclaims all liability for damages that may arise because a participant is prevented by legal regulations and/or governmental orders to partake in the event.
  • Costs for third party services, e.g. ambulance services have to be paid by the participant. The organizer reserves the right to charge any of these costs to the participant. It is recommended to get the coverage of a personal liability insurance for this type of event. Please check your existing insurance plans for coverage.

Data acquisition and utilization
  • Participants agree that personal data can be provided to a third party for the purposes of timekeeping, compiling lists of the results, as well as publication of those lists on the internet.
  • Personal data provided in the registration process by the participant will be stored and used for purposes that are connected with executing the event only, especially with regard to data necessary for the payment process (Paypal). By registering the participant agrees that his/her data is stored for that purpose.
  • Participants agree that photos, video material, and interviews made in connection with his/her participation in the event can be broadcasted and published on TV, the radio, in print, books, photo copies (video footage, video tapes, etc.) without fees. Moreover, participants agree that personal data can be provided to a third party commissioned by the organizer for the purpose of mailing photos of participants on the course or in the finish. However, participants do hereby not declare that they may want to buy such a photo.
  • The participant agrees that his/her last name, first name, year of birth, team name, starting number and results (placing, times) may be published in all print media relevant to the event (participant list, scoring board) and in all electronic media such as the internet.
  • The participant herewith accepts that RP Innovations SG Pte Ltd can use his/her E-Mail address to send him/her further information.